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Publication Division

Career Classics - is working with the vision to make learning meaningful, fulfilling and practically significant for the all-round development of people, organisations and the society itself. Career Classics is totally innovation-driven. It seeks to create and design books and other learning aids that would simply charm the child in the individual and help one discover the joy of learning - something to which one is naturally attracted - something that makes learning interesting and effortless. The motto at Career Classics is to break-free, adventure out, lead the way and set entirely new standards.

Magazine Division

Competition Wizard, a widely circulated educational monthly, is a frontline publication of ALS. Wizard, as it is popularly called, is a unique magazine with a futuristic content aimed at all-round development of the individual reader. Wizard - with its expanding vision, from grooming hundreds of outstanding Civil Servants to creating a vast sea of extra-ordinary individuals - is undergoing a paradigm-shift of sorts. With its challenging, provocative and inspiring contents, Wizard is all set to emerge as a leader in the arena of new-education and contribute its share to nation building.