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For UPSC your ‘I Can’ is more important than your ‘IQ’;

As ‘ALS IAS’ believes the distance between your dreams and reality is called discipline…

So, if you are determined you can and you are disciplined, then we can teach you the secrets of cracking IAS examination at ALS. The best IAS coaching in Patna is a benchmark for hopefuls aiming to crack the competitive examination.

ALS was not built in a day; like Rome it took 25 years of focus, efforts, and constant leaning approach by our experienced team of mentors.

The mentors guide the UPSC aspirants in different aspects like ‘knowledge sharing, learning tricks to save time during exam, and harboring confidence’ to take on one of the toughest examination of world.

The 2500+ IAS success stories of ‘ALS IAS’ are based on ‘excellent faculties, best facilities, great teaching methodology, developing right attitude, cultivating good behaviors, focusing on discipline and working hard in right direction’.

These values and morals are infused in students of ‘ALS’ preparing for IAS coaching through the experienced of teaching 50000 students.

ALS IAS is admired as the best UPSC coaching in Patna for it being remarked as the best institute to get the depth knowledge of ‘General Studies, Geography, History, Public Administration and Sociology’ for the ‘Civil Services Examination’ both in English and Hindi mediums.

Insights into the Top UPSC Coaching Institute in India:

      1.) Get guidance and mentoring from experienced faculties
      2.) The study materials are extensively researched and specially designed for IAS examination
      3.) IAS coaching is backed by tests, doubt clarification sessions and personality development
      4.) Accurate test series for prelims and mains are provided to students
      5.) Current Affairs inclusive coaching is provided to UPSC aspirants
      6.) In – depth workshops on developing ‘Administrative traits’ & ‘Leadership Abilities’
      7.) Special sessions conducted on ‘Newspaper Reading, Essay Writing, and Answer Writing’
      8.) ALS IAS UPSC toppers and successful candidates share their tricks, experience and tips
      9.) Brainstorming lectures by retired ‘IAS, IFS, IPS’ and renowned scholars
      10.) Library with special emphasis on books related to IAS preparation
      11.) One to one guidance

Civil Services coaching in Patna, by ALS IAS cover all the ingredients required for competitive learning and intensive training. It takes special care until the mains and ensures you’re psychologically and emotionally prepared for cracking the IAS exam.

Never think it’s impossible, as the right teacher can bring the best in you…